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Aetna Better Health West Virginia is partnering with Children’s Home Society and Comfort Cases

Aetna Better Health West Virginia Project

Aetna Better Health West Virginia is partnering with Children’s Home Society and Comfort Cases to provide Comfort Cases® and Comfort XLs to agencies in West Virginia who support children in foster care.
Through their Mountain Health Promise, Aetna Better Health serves children and youth in West Virginia’s foster and adoptive care systems.
The Children’s Home Society of West Virginia (CHS) has provided pivotal services to West Virginia’s most vulnerable children and families since 1896. Every year, they offer child welfare, behavioral health, social casework, and advocacy services, including foster care and adoption, to 16,000+ children and families from 13 primary locations statewide. Their aim is to help build a future where, ultimately, our services are no longer needed: where every child has a safe and permanent home, a family to love them, and opportunities to thrive.

In West Virginia, there are over 6,000 children currently in the foster care system. There are many agencies who ensure each child has a loving foster home, kinship home, emergency, or residential settings to meet their needs when they cannot be with their own families. Though this partnership, Comfort Cases will be provided to our children and youth to make sure they never have to use a trash bag for their belongings and to provide items of comfort during what can be a stressful time in their lives.
With the financial support of Aetna Better Health West Virginia, CHS is facilitating this project to provide up to 50 Comfort Cases and 50 Comfort XLs per order to requesting West Virginia agencies until the funding is fully utilized.
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All social service agencies serving children in foster care in West Virginia can place an order for their donation of Comfort Cases® and Comfort XL’s through this special program. For more specific information about the contents of Comfort Cases for infants, children, and teens, please visit our What’s a Comfort Case page. Each agency may order up to 50 Comfort Cases® and 50 Comfort XLs in each order. The Comfort XL is a 32-inch duffel bag that folds up to easily fit in a backpack or on an office shelf, in a desk drawer, or in the trunk of a car.

Help us bring dignity and hope to children entering foster care and help us eliminate trash bags! #NoMoreTrashBags


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