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Episode 27: Becoming Foster Parents with Jess and Britt

February 11, 2020

Episode 27: Becoming Foster Parents with Jess and Britt

Brittany and Jessica

Brittany and Jessica

In this episode, Rob and Dana talk to Jessica and Brittany about their journey to becoming foster parents.

As they await their first placement, Jess and Britt share why they decided to become foster parents, their hopes and fears about being new moms, and how they plan to deal with the “hard stuff” that comes with parenting children who have experienced trauma.

Jessica and Brittany have been married for about 3 years, and they live in Chester County, PA, currently with their 2 dogs – Lacey & Louie. 

Jessica works as the President/CEO of their local Chamber of Commerce, and Brittany works in Manufacturing. 

Both enjoy volunteering – Jessica serves on a few local non-profit boards and initiatives. Brittany enjoys house projects, and is an avid reader. 

A note from Jess and Britt:

We have always known that we wanted to be parents, and by being an LGBTQ couple, growing our family would be “non traditional”, no matter how we went about it.

About a year before we got married, we started looking into foster care. In learning more, we felt it was laid on our hearts and minds to consider adoption through the foster care system. 

We got married, bought our first home, and felt ready to be Moms. 

In the fall of 2018, we attempted to have a biological child through a donor, and it didn’t ultimately result in pregnancy. 

We had kept a conversation about foster care and adoption alive, and began our classes in the spring of 2019. We became approved to foster and adopt from the foster care system in November of 2019. 

We are still looking forward to our first placement!

Re: Comfort Cases, we learned about Rob, his family, and the cause by reading Rob’s book, in our research of the system we were entering. We were always so moved, and frankly, angered, by the fact that kids are moving through foster care in garbage bags. We were thrilled to find an organization tackling this issue, and wanted to do our own drive to support it. Our friends and family were amazing and supported us – and we were able to bring down 100 cases in early December of 2019. 

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