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November 5, 2019

Episode 15: Adoptions Together Founder Janice Goldwater

In this episode, Rob and Dana talk to Adoptions Together founder Janice Goldwater.

Adoptions Together has placed nearly 8,000 children in permanent homes since it’s inception in 1990. Janice founded the organization with the idea that all children deserve a loving home regardless of their age, race, or ability, and that all stable adults who want to be parents should have the opportunity, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status.

Listen as Janice explains the various ways in which Adoptions Together finds loving homes and supports children who have experienced trauma along with their families. She also shares some success stories and her own journey as an adoptive mother.

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Janice Goldwater, LCSW-C is the Founder and Executive Director of Adoptions Together, a Maryland, DC and Virginia licensed child placement agency that creates safety and permanency for children. A master’s level social worker by training, she founded the agency in 1990, in response to serious gaps in the child welfare system. The agency provides adoption/permanency opportunities and support to all children in need, regardless of age, race, health or special need and strengthens families through its FamilyWorks Together arm that provides educational programs, support services and behavioral health services. Since 1990 more than 7800 children have been settled in permanent, stable families and thousands more have benefited by the therapeutic and support services offered by the agency.

Janice serves on the board of the Adoption Exchange Association and is the Chair of the Advisory Committee of Attach (Association for the Training and Treatment of Attachment of Children).

Janice is a national and local trainer on issues relating to creating and sustaining permanency for children. Her trainings all take a strength- based approach and strive to strengthen human connection through understanding attachment, trauma and the brain. She is a mother by birth and adoption to four grown children and lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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