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Take the #BagBusters Challenge!


Welcome to the Bag Busters Program at Comfort Cases, where you can become a part of our dedicated community of supporters who make an enormous impact through monthly contributions. For just $10 a month, each Bag Buster who joins this incredible club is helping to eliminate the distressing practice of handing a child a trash bag as they enter foster care. Instead, you’ll be ensuring that they receive a Comfort Case® and/or Comfort XL Duffel Bag, a symbol of care, dignity, and hope.

Your small monthly commitment adds up to a huge difference in the lives of these children. Join us as a Bag Buster and be a part of the solution to provide these kids with the comfort and support they deserve. Together, we can change their world – one Comfort Case® at a time!

Help The Bag Busters Challenge go viral on social media by posting a short (60 seconds or less) video and use the hashtag #BagBusters with a link to our Bag Busters donation page:  

Become a Bag Buster

The Bag Busters Challenge

When children are entering the foster care system, they are provided a trash bag and told to grab all their treasured belongings. When a child’s possessions are thrown into a trash bag, they are not receiving a positive message about their worth and value as members of the community. Every child deserves to feel a sense of dignity and hope.  Every child deserves a Comfort Case that includes a blanket, a stuffy, toiletries and more!

Give. Care. Share. 

Help The Bag Busters Challenge go viral on social media by posting a short (60 seconds or less) video and use the hashtag #BagBusters with a link to our Bag Busters program.

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How The Bag Busters Challenge Works:

Become a Bag Buster by donating just $10 a month! Then, pat yourself on the back – you did a good thing and in just one year your $120 will help cover the cost to ensure that 12 children get a Comfort Case and/or Comfort XL. 

Next, share how you care and ask your friends, family and co-workers to do the same. Log into your favorite social media account and begin by sharing (in your own way) the experience that thousands of children have each year as they enter the foster care system. Be sure to use the hashtag #BagBusters and tag us @ComfortCases


Become a #BagBuster today!

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Trash Bag Stories

Trash Bag Stories was founded to give light to the stories of children in foster care and their memories of the trash bag they received upon their entry into foster care. Our founder, Rob Scheer, experienced this during his foster care journey as well as when his husband, Reece Scheer, and him adopted their five children.

Please take a moment to listen to Rob’s story, and if you or someone you know is willing to share your own experience we would love to hear from you!  Our purpose for gathering these stories is to help individuals understand why Comfort Cases is steadfast in our mission to provide children in foster care with a backpack to bring dignity and hope through Comfort, Community, Character, and Compassion.

Share Your Trash Bag Story