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Agency Ordering

We distribute Comfort Cases to children in foster care through partnerships with child welfare agencies across the country. We are not able to send Comfort Cases directly to foster parents or children in care, but we do encourage individuals to pass our information along to their social workers and local agencies so they can place an order

Comfort Cases are backpacks filled with brand new items including pajamas, socks, a blanket, a stuffed animal, a hygiene kit, a dental kit, and other age-appropriate supplies. Each Comfort Case is meant to provide comfort and the essentials for a child’s first night in foster care. For more specific information about the contents of Comfort Cases for infants, children, and teens, please visit our What’s a Comfort Case page. Each agency may order up to 50 Comfort Cases each month, and if the agency is able to pay for the FULL shipping costs, they may order up to 100 Comfort Cases. Local agencies can order up to 100 Comfort Cases, and the order can be picked up by the agency or delivered by a volunteer driver.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the rising costs of shipping, supplies, and inventory items included in our Comfort Cases, as well as the high cost of our Comfort XL’s, we are requiring that our agency partners pay at least HALF of the shipping cost for their order.

Comfort XL

We also offer Comfort XL duffel bags, which truly replace the need for trash bags for children entering foster care. The Comfort XL is a 32-inch duffel bag that folds up to easily fit on an office shelf, in a desk drawer, or in the trunk of a car.

Our goal is for every social worker and police officer in the country to have a supply of Comfort XL duffel bags to give to children when they are removed from their homes. A trash bag should never be a child’s suitcase. Each agency can order up to 1 box each month. NOTE: DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, CURRENT SUPPLIES MAY BE LIMITED OR UNAVAILABLE UNTIL WE REPLENISH SUPPLIES.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the rising costs of shipping, supplies, and the high cost of our Comfort XL’s (each box is an over $500 value,) we require that our agency partners pay the full shipping cost for their order of CXL’s. Please help us continue to serve all the children throughout the national foster care system by helping us with our largest expense.

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Georgia Takeover Program | Benefiting Every Child Entering Foster Care Throughout The State Of Georgia

Georgia Takeover Program

Through this partnership, Amerigroup Georgia is committed to ensuring that every child in Georgia’s foster care system knows they matter by providing them with a Comfort Case® and bringing dignity and hope to our most vulnerable youth.

State of Georgia Orders