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October 20, 2020

Episode 60: Life from Scratch with Sasha Martin


On this week’s Fostering Change podcast, Rob and Dana talk to author and foster care survivor Sasha Martin.

Sasha spent the first ten years of her life going back and forth between living with her mom and living in various foster homes. When she was 10 years old, she went to live with a family friend who became her permanent guardian. A few years later, they moved to Paris and then Luxemburg.

Years later and after becoming a mother herself, Sasha discovered a love for cooking and set a goal to make a meal from every country in the world. She documented her recipes and stories and National Geographic published her book, Life from Scratch, in 2015.

Listen as Sasha talks about her experiences in foster care, suffering tragic losses in her life, and how she found peace and belonging through a love of cooking.

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Here’s her book trailer.

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