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December 15, 2020

Episode 67: Fall Forward Radio


On this week’s episode, Rob and Dana talk to Rob C. and J-Hawk from Fall Forward Radio, a new podcast focused on highlighting people doing big things to help their communities. When Rob and Jay heard about Comfort Cases they knew they had to use their platform to help. They invited Rob Scheer to be one of the first guests on their podcast, and then they took to TikTok to raise money. Having never hosted a fundraiser like this before, Rob and Jay weren’t sure what to expect… But they set a goal of $12,000 and ended up raising $14,000. They wanted to see what we do at Comfort Cases first-hand, so they flew from Florida to tour the center and present us with a check. Listen as they talk about what inspired them to start their podcast and how they plan to use their show to keep the positive momentum going.

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Rob Scheer on the Fall Forward Radio podcast

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