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February 25, 2020

Episode 29: CASA and Foster Mom Brittany Burcham


In this episode, Rob and Dana talk to foster mom and former CASA Brittany Burcham.

A CASA is a Court Appointed Special Advocate assigned to a child in foster care. Brittany does an amazing job explaining what it’s like to be a CASA and what a fulfilling experience it was for her. If you want to help children in foster care but you can’t be a foster parent, becoming a CASA could be right for you.

Brittany is now a foster mom focused on caring for and mentoring teenage girls.

Brittany Burcham found her passion for foster care when she led a teen girls group 12 years ago and had girls from a group home attend and discovered the awesomeness and challenges of working with kids in foster care. After moving to Silver Spring, MD, she Googled “how to help kids in foster care without being a foster parent” and discovered Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). She went through CASA training and spent the next 3 years as an advocate for a teen girl in foster care. In 2019, Brittany moved back to her home state of Alabama (and finally able to afford a 2 bedroom apartment – hello DC rents!) and signed up to become a foster parent. Since becoming licensed in Fall 2019, she serves as an emergency and respite foster parent with an emphasis on teenage girls. Brittany is passionate about encouraging singles to become foster parents, advocating for better resources and more foster homes for teens in foster care, preventing the ‘aging out’ pitfalls of homelessness and human trafficking, and pushing for children in foster care to have more of a voice in the decisions made about their lives. 

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