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April 14, 2020

Episode 35: Companies Giving Back with Emily Blumenthal


In this episode, Rob and Dana talk with Emily Blumenthal, founder and CEO of The Handbag Awards. Emily heard Rob’s story a few years ago and was so moved by it, she invited him to speak at her annual event for handbag designers in New York City. Not only is Emily a successful businesswoman, she also prioritizes giving back and loves finding creative ways to use her connections and influence to encourage other companies to do the same.

Learn more about Emily and The Handbag Awards at

Emily Blumenthal, who also goes by “Handbag Fairy Godmother,” is a handbag industry and trend expert who understands the insatiable appetite for emerging and undiscovered designers. As an Entrepreneurship professor at FIT in the Business Department, Author and the Founder of the Independent Handbag Designer Awards, and Consultant for financial institutions and handbag brands of all levels, her dedication has prompted many industry collaborations, a handbag craft licensing deal and also a television show. She was recently featured in the New York Times’ Sunday Style Section. Emily has two more books in the works and is launching a girl empowerment brand called “The Charmsters” in 2020.

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