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July 7, 2020

Episode 47: Robert Selby from ‘Dads’ documetary

In this episode, we shift focus from foster care to fatherhood and welcome Robert Selby, one of the fathers featured in the Dads documentary on Apple TV. Through their participation in the film, Rob Scheer and Robert have become friends and we wanted to hear more about Robert’s story. Listen as he talks about what happened the day he found out his son Chace had a heart condition, how he maintains a strong relationship with Chace’s mother, and what’s next for him and his amazing family.

Follow Robert and Chace on Instagram at @TheLifeOfChaceElijah, on Facebook and on YouTube.


Robert Selby is a full-time father of a CHD warrior, his 7-year-old son Chace Elijah. Together they are working to bring awareness to the CHD and Gtube community through social media. They put a positive spin on the challenges they face in hopes of letting people around the world know that they’re never in a fight alone.

Here’s a clip of Robert and Chace in Dads, available now on AppleTV.

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