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September 21, 2021

Season, 2, Episode 98 | Dr. Suzi Friedman

On this week’s episode of Fostering Change we have a great conversation with Dr. Suzi Friedman! 

In this episode we go into detail about the differences between stress, trauma, and complex trauma as well as what happens in the nervous system when we experience trauma, and what behaviors one might see in children. We also talked about, the definition of a trauma informed approach and how this shift in perspective helps children in foster care. One of the more important topics we touched upon was, How each item in a Comfort Case reflects a trauma informed approach.

Suzie is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Washington DC. She works with adult and older teen clients on a variety of concerns from anxiety to eating disorders to trauma.  She is especially passionate about the work of helping clients heal from complex trauma and attachment injury, and to support them as they forge a path of personal growth. In her work with clients Suzie uses a relational approach that includes talk therapy, psychoeducation, and body based approaches including EMDR. In addition to her private practice, Suzie is an Adjunct Professor in the University of Maryland’s Counseling Psychology program where she provides clinical supervision to doctoral students and sometimes teaches at the undergraduate level.

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