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PREVIEW Volunteer at Comfort Cases

Volunteer at Comfort Cases

Volunteer at Our Center

Want to volunteer with the Comfort Cases National Center in Rockville, MD? Volunteers help with processing donations, counting inventory, assembling Comfort Cases, and other miscellaneous tasks.

We are so grateful for your time and commitment in helping us send backpacks to youth entering foster care. As Comfort Cases continues to get busier every year, we also continue to evolve as a growing organization. Since we are a 96% volunteer run organization, we strive to improve the experience for all volunteers.

As we balance the need to make every volunteer shift productive in moving our mission forward and to get our Comfort Cases into the hands of children who need them most, we recognize that we have a lot of volunteers with diverse abilities. In order to accommodate all of our volunteers in 2023 and to maintain the safety and well-being of everyone, we will be launching new volunteer guidelines and two different sign-up calendars. 

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Sign Up to Volunteer at Comfort Cases - Tuesday Special Assistance Shift

NEW – Special Assistance Volunteer Shifts

Volunteers needing special assistance will now have a designated volunteer day and time.

Every Tuesday 11:00 am to 12:30 pm, we will set aside space and tasks that better align with the skill set our volunteers are able to offer us as well as ensure a mutually rewarding experience. This includes tasks that will allow our volunteers to work at their own pace, gain new skills and improve their confidence while at the same time supporting increased demand and volume for our Comfort Cases.

Volunteers needing special assistance and their special educators/aides, please use this new online sign-up as it reflects the dedicated Tuesday shift.

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Volunteer at Comfort Cases

Volunteer as a Group

Volunteer as a group with your company or organization! Our availability for group volunteer sessions needs to be requested by email. Please email us at with your group’s needs. Thank you!

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Donation Drives

Host a Donation Drive

We are always in need of items to put in Comfort Cases for children in foster care. You can host a Donation Drive no matter where you live. Drop the items off at our center, ask your donors to shop our Wish List, or ship the collected items to us using Give Back Box.

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Bookmark Kits

Kids Helping Kids at Home

Can’t come to our center? Create some bookmarks at home! These handmade bookmarks add a special touch to each Comfort Case, letting children who often feel alone know that other kids care about what they are going through. Make a $25 donation using the link below and we will send you a bookmark making kit along with a self-addressed stamped envelope so you can send them back to us when you’re done.

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Comfort Cases Volunteers
Comfort Cases Volunteers
Comfort Cases Volunteers
Comfort Cases Volunteers