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Episode 13: Government Relations Consultant Maureen Flatley

October 21, 2019

Episode 13: Government Relations Consultant Maureen Flatley

In this episode, Rob and Dana welcome government relations and strategic consultant Maureen Flatley. Maureen offers her unique insight into how the system actually works on the federal and state level and where she sees the disconnect between legislation that is passed and implementation of new laws. She also explains how the for-profit foster care industry works, the lack of accountability in the child welfare system, and how she believes advocacy groups can make a difference.

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Maureen Flatley is a Boston based government relations and strategic consultant. Best known for her expertise in government reform and oversight of adoption and child welfare, her work has included advocacy for children and families in a variety of areas. Using a broad bi-partisan array of relationships on Capitol Hill, she has focused her attention on the nexus between individual injustice and large-scale system reform. In that capacity, she has advised public and private agencies, corporations and non-profits, attorneys, families and children.

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