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Episode 25: About That Viral Used Suitcase Post…

January 21, 2020

Episode 25: About That Viral Used Suitcase Post…

Whitney Gilliard and Rob Scheer

Whitney Gilliard and Rob Scheer

In this episode, Rob and Dana talk to foster care advocates Whitney Gilliard and Kimberly Raff about the “give your used suitcases to foster kids” post that recently went viral.


While we all appreciate the attention to the horrible practice of giving trash bags to children in foster care, and we believe it was shared with the best of intentions, we also feel a responsibility to educate the public about why it’s important to give new items to youth in foster care.

As adults who grew up in the system, Rob, Whitney, and Kimberly have a unique perspective and they explain why hand-me-downs and leftovers are not conducive to instilling a sense of dignity and hope in children who already feel forgotten.

Kimberly and Whitney also talk about their organizations that support youth who are aging out of foster care and just how much of a difference your $5 or $10 donation can make in the life of one of the young people they work with.

Rob also mentions that the Comfort Cases website is and points out that while we strive to partner with and support other organizations like Whitney’s Gillard & Co and Kimberly’s Foster Alumni Mentors, not all non-profits are focused on lifting each other up.

You can visit to find out what we’re talking about. Please note that we have asked this other organization to cease using our trademarked name but they have refused. We want to make sure that those who are seeking to support Comfort Cases get to the right place, so again our website is and we are not affiliated with

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