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Episode 64: The Forgotten Adoption Option with Marcy Bursac

November 17, 2020

Episode 64: The Forgotten Adoption Option with Marcy Bursac


As part of our National Adoption Awareness Month series, this week’s podcast features author and foster care adoption advocate Marcy Bursac.

Marcy adopted her two children from foster care and just released a book, The Forgotten Adoption Option, which serves as a guide to adopting from foster care. Marcy talks about why she decided to adopt from foster care, how she met her children, and how they are thriving despite all of the trauma they experienced with their birth parents.

The Forgotten Adoption Option focuses on both making the decision to adopt from foster care and how to navigate the system and get through the process. She explains how adopting from foster care is much more affordable and can take less time than waiting to adopt an infant both internationally and domestically.

Pre-order The Forgotten Adoption Option:

Amazon – Ships January 1, 2021

Barnes & Noble – Ships January 1, 2021

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