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Fostering Change - Award Winning Podcast

Fostering Change | Episode 102 | Jodi Meltzer

November 16, 2021

Fostering Change | Episode 102 | Jodi Meltzer

Rob Scheer interviews multi-award-winning author Jodi Meltzer who has written extensively about grief, parenting and divorce for various publications, including HuffPost, The Mighty, Scary Mommy, and Thrive Global. She has just published the book, Goodnight Star, Whoever You Are.

A Boston native, she recently relocated to Tampa in search of more sunshine, literally and figuratively. To learn more about Jodi and her books, including the previously published, When You Lived in My Belly, please visit

Today’s episode of Fostering Change is timely, as November 18th, 2021 is Children’s Grief Awareness Day. Rob and Jodi discuss this difficult topic and how to best share feelings of grief with and from your children.

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