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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 122 | Julie & David Bulitt

April 5, 2022

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 122 | Julie & David Bulitt

In this week’s episode of Fostering Change Rob Scheer talks with Julie and David Bulitt. Julie and David have been married for more than 35 years and have four daughters, two of whom are biological and two adopted, and three grandchildren. Together, Julie and David are the authors of the award -winning book, The 5 Core Conversations for Couples, relationship coaches and speakers.

We discuss, overview of 5 core conversations – what are they, why couples need to communicate in these areas. Focus on parenting (one of the core conversations is titled “Parents and partners”). Can share our own story – adoption, raising child with mental health/behavioral issues, addiction, etc.

You can find out more about Julie and David by visiting:

Facebook : @thebulitts
Twitter: @thebulitts
IG: @Thebulitts
YouTube Channel – The Bulitts

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