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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 125 | Audra O’Neil

April 26, 2022

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 125 | Audra O’Neil

In this week’s episode of Fostering Change Rob Scheer talks with Audra O’Neil. Audra is an author, widow, and mother of twin thirteen year-old boys. Her husband Chad died in November of 2005, five months after being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Being a reading and writing teacher and coach, Audra felt called to use the gift of writing to share her journey through the pitfalls and trials of young widowhood.

After meeting other young widows, and absorbing their stories, Audra has found a reservoir of strength from which to draw. She is hoping to support others like herself through her newly published book, At the Helm: The Young Widow’s Journey from Struggle to Strength. Audra would like her book to act as a beacon of hope for those who are reaching out for a hand to hold, a story to relate to, and a pathway back towards strength and happiness.

We discuss, Building Rituals for Kids/Families who have Experienced Loss, Giving Kids Choices After Loss, Posttraumatic Growth and How Struggle can Lead to Growth, Resilience, and Strength

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