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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 135 | Jen Lilley

July 5, 2022

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 135 | Jen Lilley

In this week’s episode of Fostering Change Rob Scheer talks with Jen Lilley. In 2007, Lilley married Jason Wayne. In 2016, Lilley and her husband became foster parents through the organization, Childhelp. In June 2019, Lilley and Wayne adopted their two foster sons and in July 2019, she gave birth to a daughter. And just 2 months ago in May, she gave birth to another daughter!

A star on both the silver and small screens, including the Academy Award-winning film THE ARTIST, NBC’s iconic daytime series “Days of Our Lives,” ABC’s “General Hospital,” and a regular leading lady on the Hallmark Channel and GAC, actress/singer/philanthropist Jen Lilley has tackled countless roles throughout her illustrious career. Jen Lilley’s creative prowess does not end when the director yells cut, she is also a singer and songwriter. Her music exudes the same sultry ferocity of Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, with Phil Spector’s wall of sound treatment via Rosie Danvers and her 50-piece orchestra. ​ said, “Lilley conjures up the sound of a 1960s girl group and embodies the same essence of Amy Winehouse. She takes a nostalgic twist on a modern song that will remind you of what classic music sounds like and have you longing for the days of Motown.”

When Jen Lilley is not busy in front of a camera, or perfecting her vocals in studio, she can be found hosting her podcast, “Fostering Hope with Jen Lilley” to demystify the foster care system and encourage loving people to get involved in the cause. She is a true champion for charities. In addition to donating 100% of her music profits to create a neighborhood model of safe loving foster homes, she co-founded Christmas is Not Cancelled, Inc.: A marketing company that raises awareness and funds for amazing causes and nonprofits while giving participants the chance to win huge prizes! The next Christmas is Not Cancelled event is coming up THIS MONTH. In fact, Comfort Cases is partnering with Jen and her team for a “Christmas is Not Cancelled Packing Party” at the end of July. We will be packing up 2022 backpacks filled with school supplies to deliver to students in need in the Washington, DC Metro area.

As a teenager, Jen garnered the National Educators Award for her work in Guatemala. She is known for advocating children’s rights and supports charities that focus on protecting children against physical and sexual abuse, human trafficking, and the world water crisis. Truly selfless, she is a foster and adoptive parent herself and is a celebrity ambassador for the child abuse and treatment organization Child help, Project Orphans, ECPAT, Olive Crest, The Dave Thomas Foundation, The Thirst Project, The Los Angeles Mission, Oneless, A21, Children of the Night, and the Innocent Justice Foundation.

We discuss, how Jen Lilley and her Husband Became Foster Parents through the Organization, Childhelp, A star on Both the Silver and Small Screen, “Fostering Hope with Jen Lilley”, July Christmas is Not Cancelled – Big event with Comfort Cases in July!, Camp Christmas in July

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