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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 174 | Amanda Simonetta & Myra Scheer

April 4, 2023

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 174 | Amanda Simonetta & Myra Scheer

Amanda Simoneta and Myra Scheer have been involved with The Felix Organization since its inception in 2006. Both have watched the mission come to life and expand its reach to provide life-changing opportunities to youth in foster care for over 177 years.

The mission of The Felix Organization is to provide inspiring opportunities and new experiences to enrich the lives of children who are growing up in the foster care system.

Co-Founders, Darryl “DMC”​ McDaniels (Run DMC AND Rock and Roll Hall of Famer) and Sheila Jaffe, (Emmy Award winning Casting Director of “The Sopranos”​ and “Entourage”​) are both adoptees who have searched for their birth families. As they pursued their journey of discovery, they realized how fortunate they were, having been raised by loving families. Things could have gone very differently had they not been adopted. Darryl and Sheila decided to start THE FELIX ORGANIZATION/ Adoptees For Children in February 2006.

As adoptees, “We were taken home. We wanted to give back to those children who didn’t get taken home or who are growing up in the foster care system.”​

Since 2006, THE FELIX ORGANIZATION has sent nearly 4,000 children to CAMP FELIX for one or two week sessions. Our goal is to continue to send an increasing number of children to CAMP FELIX each year and to nurture and encourage them throughout the year with additional, inspiring opportunities.


Story Key Notes:

🖐️ Our 3rd Annual Walk This Way Walkathon Fundraiser on Sunday, May 21st!

🖐️ The Need – Back Story on Foster Care Community and How Felix Meets the Needs of Young People in the Foster Care System.

🖐️ Origin Story of The Felix Organization


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LinkedIn: The Felix Organization

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