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Fostering Change - Award Winning Podcast

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 179 | Stacy Huston

May 8, 2023

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 179 | Stacy Huston

Inspiring Youth Through Literacy and Community Action Stacy Huston

Stacy Huston is Executive Director of, the award-winning nonprofit founded by Kevin Bacon with a mission rooted in connecting people to resources. Six Degrees supports impactful initiatives to sustain and enrich local communities by developing partnerships and solutions working collaboratively with local leaders, residents, and celebrities, on increasing youth empowerment, justice and equality, and improving a sustainable living environment.

The organization prioritizes the lived experiences of communities that are commonly underserved and under-resourced. They reach their audiences through video, content and Public Service Announcements about subjects that are meaningful to the community, with a big focus on youth: particularly early education, arts programming and early literacy.

Stacy received the 2022 Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award for her work with SixDegrees related to Hunger. She has overseen social media campaigns such as “l Stay Home For”, garnishing more than 1.2 million posts and 2.1 Billion engagements globally, winning 4 Webbys and A Shorty Social Good award.


Story Key Notes:

🖐️  “Cake it Like a Kid” – in support of Pediatric Cancer Awareness

🖐️  SixDegrees.Org produced Play On

🖐️  Getting People Moving the Right Direction


You can find out more about Stacy by visiting:

Website: SixDegrees.Org






Learn more about how you can affect change to the lives of youth in foster care by visiting

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