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Fostering Change - Award Winning Podcast

Welcome to the Fostering Change Podcast

July 23, 2019

Welcome to the Fostering Change Podcast

Dana McKay and Rob Scheer

Dana McKay and Rob Scheer

Comfort Cases founder Rob Scheer and media personality Dana McKay have joined forces to launch the “Fostering Change” podcast. This inspiring show will focus on changing the foster care system and how we can come together as a community to change the lives of children in foster care.

Guests will include former youth in foster care, foster and adoptive parents, celebrities touched by the foster care system, child welfare advocates and experts, and everyday people working to improve the lives of kids in care. Rob and Dana have a dynamic chemistry and bring a sense of positivity and humor to their conversations.

In this introductory episode, Rob and Dana discuss a variety of subjects and tell listeners what they can expect in upcoming shows. They talk about the importance of educating the public about foster care, common questions about becoming foster parents, why the foster care system is shattered, and what the government is doing (and what they’re not doing) for children in care. They also explain how Comfort Cases is impacting children from the border and offer some insight into how these children enter the foster care system.

You can listen to the first episode in the player here or subscribe on your favorite podcast app linked below. Please be sure to leave us a review as it will greatly help us spread the word!

We are booking guests for upcoming episodes now. If you have a story to tell as it relates to foster care, please email


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Please click here to read the full statement regarding Comfort Cases mission as it relates to helping migrant children entering the United States foster care system.

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