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Orangetheory Fitness in Dublin helps pack ‘comfort cases’ for Ohio foster youth

Orangetheory Fitness in Dublin helps pack 'comfort cases' for Ohio foster youth

DUBLIN, Ohio — There are thousands of children in foster care in Ohio. To help these youth in need, Orangetheory Fitness studios across Ohio are partnering with the international nonprofit, Comfort Cases for two “packing parties” to provide comfort items that will support youth, particularly during the first days they enter foster care.

Comfort Cases are filled with items including a new set of pajamas, a new blanket, age-appropriate hygiene kit, book, and a “stuffie” to be given to foster care youth in need.

Having grown up in foster care, Rob Scheer, the CEO of Comfort Cases, said he hopes to inspire communities to bring dignity and hope to youth following his path.

“I built my family through foster care, and five beautiful, amazing kids arrived in my home, but all five of them were carrying trash bags, and I thought, ‘this can’t be.’ So, I went to my spouse, and I said we’ve got to make an immediate change, and we’ve got to do it quickly,” said Rob Scheer, CEO of Comfort Cases.

Comfort Cases has distributed more than 150,000 comfort cases to children in all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.

To make an online donation toward a Comfort Case through a specific Orangetheory Fitness location, visit here.

Learn more and watch the full segment here.

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