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The Kindness of Strangers

We get mentions far and wide, but especially now, we thought a feel good story would bring some light to everyone. Below, please find a re-post of the article that originally ran in the Ellsworth American by one of our dedicated volunteers in Maine, linked here.


Dear Editor:

With all the bad news we see and hear daily, locally and beyond, I thought that this story might be of interest to you.

I volunteer for a national charitable organization called Comfort Cases. We provide brand new backpacks with contents like pajamas, blankets, toiletries, books, coloring books, socks and a stuffed animal to children entering foster care. My mission has been to provide Comfort Cases for foster children in Maine. This week I’ve distributed more than 60 cases to DHHS as well as Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine.

After packing these cases, it was time to replenish the items in my shed so that I can pack and distribute more cases. I went to Dollar Tree to find what I needed. As I was standing in line to purchase more than 50 travel-size bottles of shampoos, conditioner, soap, lotion, coloring books and other contents for Comfort Cases using donations from kind individuals in my community, I tried to explain to the checkout person why I had such an unusual purchase. I told her that they were for children entering foster care in Maine. When she got to the end of scanning all my items, she told me the total amount was $113. As I reached for my wallet, the man behind me in line walked up, put his credit card in the reader, and said, “I got this. This is on me,” and he paid for my entire purchase.

All I know is that his name is Mark. With a tear in my eye, I hugged him and said thank you. There truly are “good humans” in this world. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Lesley Robinson

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