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March 31, 2020

Episode 33: How the COVID-19 Crisis Is Affecting Youth in Foster Care

In this episode, Rob and Dana welcome child welfare advocate Maureen Flatley back to the podcast. So many aspects of the foster care system have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis as many resources have been limited or shut down completely. In addition, former foster youth who have aged out and are now in college have been forced into shelters as dorms have closed down.

Maureen Flatley is a Boston-based government relations and strategic consultant. Best known for her expertise in government reform and oversight of adoption and child welfare, her work has included advocacy for children and families in a variety of areas. Using a broad bi-partisan array of relationships on Capitol Hill, she has focused her attention on the nexus between individual injustice and large-scale system reform. In that capacity she has advised public and private agencies, corporations and non-profits, attorneys, families and children.

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