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May 19, 2020

Episode 40: Keri Richmond


In this episode, Rob and Dana talk to child welfare advocate Keri Richmond. Keri spent her early childhood in foster care, was adopted into an abusive home, and ended up depending on a friend’s family for support during her teenage and college years. She often meets with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and explains why it is sometimes difficult to make changes within the system. She also talks about what people can do to make a difference for children in foster care in their communities.

Keri Richmond is a passionate advocate for vulnerable children and families in Washington, D.C. Her passion is sparked by her own lived experience in the foster care system. Keri has presented research and recommendations on how to improve the system to Members of Congress and to the White House Domestic Policy Council. In her current role, she often meets with policymakers on Capitol Hill to advocate for critical changes. Keri believes that sometimes our worst and most traumatic experiences can be the catalyst for the most world-changing and inspiring work. This belief, infused with her experience, drives her to keep fighting for kids.

To learn more about Keri’s work in her community and nationwide, check out her TedX Talk.

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