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April 27, 2021

Season 2, Episode 77 | Willy Bolander, Founder of non-profit, Go Foster!

Willy discusses his experience in recruiting and retaining foster parents via Go Foster! The idea was born as a research idea in Florida, where they discovered a huge need for improvements in the existing system. He talks about the lack of understanding by everyone involved about how to foster recruiting.

Rob talks about his state funding billboard advertisements near bus stops and how it is appalling to him.

The topic of religion, the role it plays in the adoption process and some of the barriers that can be put in the path to connecting kids with forever homes.

After the break, Rob mentions some of his experiences with different agencies and their random requirements and disqualifiers.

Willy shares his opinion that agencies funded by the state should “shut up” when it comes to their personal beliefs and using those personal beliefs to disqualify potential families.

The pair talk about something they have in common, adoption of an adult child!

Willy Bolander –
Father of 8 children, 7 adopted from foster care.
Founder of non-profit, Go Foster! (2013-2019)

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