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June 1, 2021

Season 2, Episode 82 | Connie Going

On this episode of Fostering Change, Rob starts off talking about making his heart smile! His special guest Connie Going is always there for him when he needs to reach out!

They start talking about the challenges of the Covid pandemic. Connie explains more about Family Blooms, and how they provide assistance for mothers. It’s essential to empower mothers to reach supports on their own and to not be another victim.

Rob believes we must invest in our community, in the form of investing in the families. Family Blooms is moving into the heart of St. Petersburg. They’ve also added child welfare navigation.

Connie talks about her son’s amazing story and a little about her own background as well. She had to fight the system to adopt him. Now he is at the culinary Institute of America in his third semester and possibly receiving an internship in Aspen, Colorado.

The second half is a very emotional segment as Rob and Connie dive deep on their own personal experiences and feelings.

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Family Blooms: International Center for Adoption and Surrogacy
Twitter: @GoingConnie
Instagram: @conniegoing @familyblooms2019

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