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Best of Fostering Change Podcast Season 3 | Mindy Henderson

October 18, 2022

Best of Fostering Change Podcast Season 3 | Mindy Henderson

In this week’s episode of Fostering Change Rob Scheer talks with Mindy Henderson, author, editor, speaker, advocate. Henderson is the author of THE TRUTH ABOUT THINGS THAT SUCK, A Motivational Speaker, Writer, Coach, Host of The Truth About Things That Suck podcast, guest contributor of “Morning Motivations” on CBS Austin’s “We Are Austin” lifestyle morning show and was recently named an “Austin Woman to Watch” by Austin Woman Magazine. After a 20-year career in high-tech, Mindy shifted her focus toward helping others realize their potential and normalizing disability. Driven to build a world that welcomes and includes EVERYONE, Mindy advocates for universal design in air travel, architecture, and fashion.

Despite living life from a wheelchair, Mindy’s achievements include:

● Bachelor and Master’s degrees
● Multiple singing appearances on national television (plus a CD recording with George Strait’s guitar and bass players accompanying her!)
● Public speaking addressing thousands of volunteers of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and addressing corporate executives for companies such as 7-11, VMware, NXP Semiconductors, 7-Up and Cisco

Story Key Notes:

🖐️ Mindy’s secrets to making things that suck, suck less including her companion podcast The Truth About Things That Suck
🖐️ Mindy’s philosophy, “we can make the impossible possible”
🖐️ Mindy’s journey from Texas to China to adopt her daughter (China is one of the least wheelchair accessible countries in the world)
🖐️ Disability Pride Month
🖐️ News from including her high-profile guests on the Quest podcast such Judith Heumann, a legend of the disability rights movement.

You can find out more about Mindy by visiting:

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