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Episode 39: Terrica Smith

May 12, 2020

Episode 39: Terrica Smith

In this episode, Rob and Dana talk to Terrica Smith about her journey from foster care to becoming a real estate developer now investing in her own community. Terrica was placed in foster care at the age of 8 when her grandmother passed away. She moved from foster home to foster home, and then to group homes, often running away to escape abusive situations. At 17, she was homeless and pregnant, and found out she had been emancipated from the foster care system. She was able to seek help from Catholic Charities, ended up going to school, and she is now a successful business woman. Listen as she talks about overcoming all of the obstacles in her life and her plans for the future.

Click here to read Terrica’s story in the news.


Terrica Smith is a female entrepreneur who doesn’t have your typical rags to riches story. 

Everyone has their own struggles, doubts, and pitfalls in life, but what you choose to do with them determines your level of success. Being a ward of the state at an early age and having to overcome the lies, abuse, abandonment, and pain is only the beginning of Terrica’s life story, as shared in her 2018 publication of “Frightened, Scared, and Alone No More!!!!”

 Terrica began her Real Estate career in 2006 shortly after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina. In 2011, Terrica founded Cachet Real Estate, a real estate brokerage established on three core principles: being Vibrant, Strong, and Prestigious. While she thought it would be the love of real estate that inspired her most, it was really her love of people. She helps clients from all over the world invest, develop, buy or sell a home, being a catalyst for each person beginning a new chapter in their lives. 

 Terrica excels in being a strong guide and supporter. Her background in sales and management have honed her skills as negotiator and communicator. Terrica has gone on to pursue real estate investing, developments, mentoring, consulting and design through her and husband’s brand Kajun Kouture. Kajun Kouture has assisted both young and mature investors in their financial decisions, aided and purchased start-up companies, as well as maintain an extensive real estate property portfolio. 

 In addition to real estate Terrica is also one the of the founder’s of Salt Capital Equity Group, LLC a multi- million dollar real estate crowdfunding platform. Salt Capital invests in under-developed areas that fall within designated Opportunity Zones, along with short and long term real estate investment opportunities. Allowing members of the community to participate in reforming their neighboring communities. Because of her work in the communities Terrica has recieved a personal invitation to the White House and have had her story shared with more than 8 million viewers around the world. Terrica was also nominated for 20 under 40 in Acadiana. One of the most prestigious awards giving to leaders in there communities. 

Terrica is also involved in many community, developments and outreach organizations. She is the Children’s Director at One Church Acadiana, where she has served in ministry for over 10 years. Terrica previously served on the Board of Directors for Boys Town, a non-profit organization that believes every child deserves a future. She also serves on The Bethea Family Foundation, founded by Super Bowl champion Antoine Bethea.

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