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Episode 59: Dr. John DeGarmo of the Foster Care Institute

October 13, 2020

Episode 59: Dr. John DeGarmo of the Foster Care Institute


On this week’s Fostering Change podcast, Rob and Dana talk to Foster Care Institute founder John DeGarmo. As a foster and adoptive father, author, and industry consultant, John offers his insight on a number of child welfare issues.

He created the Foster Care Institute after experiencing frustration with the system and lack of support as a foster parent. His training programs are used by child welfare agencies all over the country to educate both staff and foster parents.

John and his wife have been foster parents to 60 children over the last 20 years. In his 2019 TedXTalk, he tells the story of one of those children whom the system failed.

John also talks about the importance of foster parent support groups and how he deals with the heartbreak and stress of caring for children who have experienced trauma.

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