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Episode 62: Transracial Adoption with April Dinwoodie

November 3, 2020

Episode 62: Transracial Adoption with April Dinwoodie


November is National Adoption Awareness Month and we are looking forward to featuring guests with various adoption experiences.

Today Rob and Dana welcome April Dinwoodie, a writer, coach, consultant, and host of the Born In June, Raised In April podcast. As a woman of color who was adopted into a white family, April offers her insight into the complexities of transracial adoption.

Learn more about April at

Rob will also be a guest on an upcoming episode of April’s podcast, here’s a sneak peek.

About April Dindwoodie

As a transracially adopted person (I am brown, adopted into a white family), raised in a predominately white environment, I live a life where it is imperative that I gracefully and safely move through circumstances and situations related to differences of race, class, and culture. My beginnings of separation from my family of origin, being a brown girl in a white family, and the life experiences I have accumulated over time have created a blend of authenticity, curiosity, empathy, and whole lot of grit.

My New England upbringing taught me about labor, my white family taught me about love, and I had to teach myself about life as a woman of color. Through the very poignant and often misunderstood experiences of adoption, I weave elements of the journey thus far into my work as a writer, podcaster, speaker/trainer, coach, and consultant. Today, I am fiercely dedicated to developing healthy identity, building stronger relationships, and elevating our collective ability to navigate differences of race, class, and culture.

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