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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 167 | A Very Special Valentine’s Day Episode: Rob Scheer Interviews his Son, Makai

February 10, 2023

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 167 | A Very Special Valentine’s Day Episode: Rob Scheer Interviews his Son, Makai


It was January 2009, and the doorbell rang at Rob and Reece Scheer’s townhouse in Washington, DC. Standing there was Sheri, a *“… social worker, holding the hand of a little boy with long cornrows and big, black eyes. He was two but he looked really little, less than a year old. Holding Sheri’s other hand was a young girl. ‘This is Amaya,’ Sheri said. ‘Amaya say hi to Mr. Rob. And this is Makai’. Makai didn’t react.” This was to be their third home since September.

And that was Rob’s introduction to who would soon be his son, Makai (and daughter Amaya).

Today, on a VERY special episode of Fostering Change, Rob Scheer, founder of Comfort Cases interviews one of his own children, Makai.

Born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), Makai was not given much of a chance. But then Rob and Reece came into his life and Makai has surpassed all expectations – maybe except his own.


Some of what you’ll hear from Makai on this episode of Fostering Change:

“Your voice counts.  One person can make a change.”

“Once you try it, it’s possible.”

“Don’t listen to what other people say – there’s nothing good about listening to the negative.”

“Always do good for other people.”

“Don’t always take the easy path in life.”


How he started the first Student Government Association (SGA) at his school following conversations with his teacher about what he would do to make the school better.  He wrote a speech about how students would have more of a voice at their school.


Story Key Notes:

🖐️ What it’s like to be the middle child of 5 kids.

🖐️ What it was like to have a new OLDER brother come home in 2019

🖐️ What’s it like to “be a Scheer”?

🖐️ What’s it like growing up with white parents


Makai also talks about his future with goals of either joining the military, or taking over Comfort Cases from Rob!

Whatever he does, his goal is to help kids around the world: “I’ll buy plane tickets for kids around the world to help them find a home here.”

We know you’ll enjoy this special Valentine’s Day episode of Fostering Change.

* Quotes in the first paragraph are from Rob Scheer’s memoir, “A Forever Family: Fostering Change One Child at a Time”, available for purchase:


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