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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 170 | David Ambroz

March 6, 2023

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 170 | David Ambroz

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David Ambroz, author of “A Place Called Home”  is a national poverty and child welfare expert and advocate. He was recognized by President Obama as an American Champion of Change. In writing about the book, Hillary Clinton stated: “It’s impossible to read… and not want to redouble your efforts to fight the systems of poverty that have plagued America for far too long.”

David currently serves as the Head of Community Engagement (West) for Amazon.  Previously he led Corporate Social Responsibility for Walt Disney Television, and served as the President of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission, and as a California Child Welfare Councilmember. After growing  up homeless and then in foster care, he graduated from Vassar and later from UCLA School of Law (J.D.). He is a foster dad and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Rob and David have an enlightening conversation about the foster care system, grit, courage and integrity.


Story Key Notes:

🖐️ What made you decide to revisit your childhood experience with poverty and in foster care in A PLACE CALLED HOME

🖐️ What qualities and/or circumstances allowed you to survive such deprivation and abuse?

🖐️ How did your sexuality change your foster care experience?


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More about the boo:  A PLACE CALLED HOME: A Memoir

Twitter: @DaveAmbroz

Instagram: @hjdambroz


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