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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 172 | Michael Medoro

March 20, 2023

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 172 | Michael Medoro

Michael leads the executive efforts of the national nonprofit organization, Childhelp – a national leader in the prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse. 

Childhelp believes that every child has a unique contribution to make to the world.

Prior to his role with Childhelp, Michael has served in executive leadership roles with other national and international nonprofit organizations such as Easter Seals and Project CURE. Currently pursuing a PhD in Education from Seattle Pacific University, Michael is looking to advance the education, vocational, and communal support of children who have experienced, or at risk of experiencing abuse; as well as children and youth who are a part of our national foster care system

Childhelp has just launched the Courage First Hotline – a national hotline staffed with professional counselors to assist athletes, parents, coaches, and anyone in the athletic communities who are concerned about emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. 

Childhelp has also established the first evidence-based prevention education curriculum designed to educate students preK-12th grade on not only the signs and symptoms of abuse, but what to do when they witness or experience abuse. This curriculum has now included a new module around Human Trafficking.


Story Key Notes:

🖐️ About Childhelp

🖐️ A foundation to assist youth in foster care; as well as youth at risk for, or experiencing abuse

🖐️ The First Evidence Based Prevention Education Curriculum


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