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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 173 | Mike Thorne

March 27, 2023

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 173 | Mike Thorne

Mike Thorne’s focus of work is Human Transformation. He accomplishes this through an association with Vistage Worldwide, the largest Peer Advisory firm, and his work as Chairman of the National Council for Adoption.

As the author of the new book, Hustle With Heart: Unlocking Self-Worth Through Personal Trust Communities, he works to help people transform and thrive – at home and at work – to find a better way forward with their lives.

Mike is the former President of Yankee Candle and Russell Athletic and most recently CEO of Challenger Turf. He is a father of 3 adult daughters and has been married to his best friend for over 32 years. He invests his time with high integrity growth oriented leaders (and/or their leadership) who care about humanity and the environment

At age 46, Mike met his biological Mom and siblings, but not his dad. He was told that his dad didn’t like successful people, but was talented at breaking and entering. Sitting in a living room with people he shared blood with but had never known until then was a turning point – Grateful vs resentful.


Mike shares so much in this interview with Rob Scheer, including these messages:

  • Take care of your thoughts when alone. Take care of your words when with other people.
  • The struggle of believing to belong: Belong. Build. Believe


Other Key Story Notes:

🖐️ Know and Own Your Own Story

🖐️ Define Your North Star

🖐️ Build Your Personal Trust Community Across All Aspects of Your Well Being


You can find out more about Mike by visiting:


Instagram: @ptctransformer

Twitter: @ptctransformer


YouTube: @mikethorne3768


You can purchase Mike’s book, Hustle With Heart, by clicking THIS LINK.

Learn more about how you can affect change to the lives of youth in foster care by visiting

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