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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 183 | Todd Parr

September 5, 2023

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 183 | Todd Parr

Fostering Change Podcast with Todd Parr | Hosted by Rob Scheer

Welcome to Season 5 of Fostering Change! For those of you who are new to us: “Welcome!” And for our returning friends, “Welcome Back!”

Fostering Change is hosted by Rob Scheer, the founder of Comfort Cases, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote hope and dignity to youth in foster care.

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Now, here’s a bit more background on Rob’s first interview this season, with Todd Parr:

Todd Parr is an international and New York Times best selling author. He’s written and illustrated more than 60 beautiful books for children. In fact, Rob has been reading Todd’s books to his children for years. A family favorite is It’s Okay to be Different : targeted to young children first beginning to read, this book will inspire kids to celebrate their individuality through acceptance of others and self-confidence–and it’s never too early to develop a healthy self-esteem.

As you’ll hear in the interview, Todd’s book The Family Book has been listed as, for some reason, one of the “most banned books” in the United States. “Whether you have two moms or two dads, a big family or a small family, a clean family or a messy one, Todd Parr assures readers that no matter what kind of family you have, every family is special in its own unique way.”

Todd’s latest book is The Monster Mac and Cheese Party. His books have received numerous awards and are available in 20 languages. He is the co-creator of the popular Daytime Emmy®-nominated animated TV series ToddWorld with Gerry Renert of SupperTime Entertainment, and several short films for Sesame Street have been based on Todd’s work. Todd has partnered with Target, the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, Stouffer’s, People magazine, and other companies and organizations to help people and animals, and to promote literacy. He lives in California with his adopted pit bulls.


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