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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 186 | Katrina Mullen

September 26, 2023

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 186 | Katrina Mullen

Fostering Change Podcast | Experience a Truly Good Human: A NICU Nurse Adopts the Teen Mom of Triplets - Katrina Mullen

This true story will inspire you like none you may have ever heard. Rob Scheer interviews Katrina Mullen. You may have seen Katrina on The Today Show, or in People Magazine. This unassuming NICU (NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit) Nurse has received universal praise for how she stepped up where others would not.

As a neonatal nurse in a small Indiana hospital, she saw Shariya, a young mother sitting cribside of her 3 young babies she had just given birth to. This new mom, only 14 years old, was often alone, looking lost… and alone. Katrina would visit with Shariya, and try to give her advice and tips on how to care for her babies. Again, Shariya was just 14, in 8th grade, and the mother of triplets – and was virtually alone.

When Shariya was discharged from the hospital, Katrina gave her her phone number and told her to call whenever she wanted. Shariya took her up on this and Katrina often went to visit Shariya and her babies.

Soon, there was a health issue with one of her babies, and then DSS came and took her two others into care. Shariya asked if she could stay with Katrina. Katrina had 3 young children of her own, plus two adult children, but she immediately said yes, and engaged in all the classes necessary to become a foster parent.

So much more to tell about this amazing human being – and how she soon ended up adopting Shariya, and became the grandmother of three beautiful triplets. We know you will love this episode as much as we do.


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