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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 188 | Monica Pantojo of nsoro Foundation

October 10, 2023

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 188 | Monica Pantojo of nsoro Foundation

Fostering Change Podcast | Helping Youth Who are Aging Out of the Foster Care System with Monica Pantojo of nsoro Foundation

Today on Fostering Change, Rob Scheer speaks with Monica Pantoja, the dynamic Executive Director of the nsoro Educational Foundation.

Founded in 2005, The nsoro Educational Foundation believes not one young person aging out of our nation’s foster care system should have to navigate the world alone. Our mission provides the access to and attainment of post-secondary education through a holistic scholarship that shepherds our youth to and through college, optimally positioning our graduates for an equitable transition into adulthood. Nsoro’s Scholarship Program “Fostering Futures” provides a certified executive coach and a mentor with evidence curriculum, anchored in four tenets: post-secondary credentials: emotional literacy, financial fluency, and workforce readiness. From essential gap funding for tuition, books, academic fees, to ensuring our scholar’s housing stability and food security, nsoro’s Scholarship serves as a bridge from college to career.

Rob and Monica have an important discussion about our youth who’ve spent time in the foster care system and the barriers they face to achieving self-sufficiency and economic mobility, far greater than than first gen peers.

The Results: nsoro scholars:

  • 435 college graduate to date
  • 81% college graduation rate
  • 70% are pursuing an advanced degree
  • 98% have not been incarcerated
  • 96% have not abused drugs or alcohol
  • 78% have not been homeless
  • 85% have developed and maintained a budget


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