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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 189 | Haley Marguerite

October 16, 2023

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 189 | Haley Marguerite

Fostering Change Podcast | Steps to Youth Can Take to Overcome Bullying with Haley Marguerite

Today, Rob Scheer talks with a real “go-getter”. Someone who doesn’t take no for an answer and truly reaches for the stars.

Haley Marguerite is a motivational speaker, a publisher and an author. In fact, she published her first book at the age of 11! Haley is the talented author behind the beloved Charlie Takes an Adventure book series. Through her captivating stories, children learn important life lessons while joining Charlie, the adventurous penguin, on his incredible journeys and heartwarming experiences with his loving family.

Haley’s passion for empowering kids to believe in themselves and chase their dreams shines through in her writing.

She says: “From elementary school through high school, I encountered the harsh winds of bullying – targeted for my appearance, round glasses, and the struggle to comprehend words until the 10th grade. Yet, I’ve emerged not broken, but resilient, a testament to the power of inner strength.”

You can often find Haley speaking to school and community groups about overcoming bullying, and building up self-esteem. Today, we are lucky to have her as a guest on Fostering Change.

The latest book in the series is titled: “Charlie Takes an Adventure to the Moon”, where Charlie faces bullying and tries to learn how to deal with and overcome it. More about Haley and the “Charlie Takes an Adventure” book series can be found here:

Website about the book:

Website about Haley and her publishing programs:









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