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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 200 | Emily Cole of Bananas Foster Inc.

December 26, 2023

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 200 | Emily Cole of Bananas Foster Inc.

Fostering Change Podcast | Making a positive impact, & spreading joy throughout foster care with Emily Cole of Banana Fosters Inc.

Today is a special episode of Fostering Change (well, all our episodes are special, but this one has a very special significance!) It’s the final episode of 2023 AND, today’s episode marks the 200th Episode of Fostering Change. Amazing that we’ve reached this important milestone in our 5th season! And the past 3 seasons, we’ve been named the #1 podcast for issues about Adoption and Foster Care!

We couldn’t have achieved this without the amazing support from our amazing guests and all of the positive feedback we’ve received from you, our viewers and listeners. Thank you so much!

And what a way to mark this milestone, with another GOOD HUMAN, Emily Cole. You may not know Emily’s name (yet), but surely you’ve heard of the organization she and her husband Jesse run: The Savannah Bananas (, known as “The Greatest Show in Sports!” The Cole’s started the organization with the goal to make baseball fun and bring families together.

And beyond the entertaining brand of baseball the team plays, Emily and Jesse founded Bananas Foster,, an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to Bringing Families Together by focusing on celebrating those who are doing amazing things in the foster care world while educating and inspiring others to get involved. In 2020, the Cole’s became a licensed foster family, an action that would truly change their life.

Emily shares her story with Rob on today’s podcast. We know you will find it inspiring and hopefully motivate you to become involved in your community – be it foster care or some other form of charitable act.

To learn more about Bananas Foster, please visit: and visit to learn more about the Savannah Bananas Baseball team!


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