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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 204 | David & Julie Bulitt

February 13, 2024

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 204 | David & Julie Bulitt

Fostering Change Podcast | Keeping Marriage Alive and a Strong as a Family with Adoptive Children with David & Julie Bulitt

On today’s special episode, of Fostering Change we bring in two of our favorite married couples: David & Julie Bulitt and Rob & Reece Scheer! Yes, our host and his husband – co-founders of Comfort Cases – discuss relationships, particularly the issues faced by parents who adopt children and how to keep the marital relationship going strong!

David & Julie have appeared on Fostering Change before. They have a unique perspective based on their careers as Julie is a licensed clinical social worker and David is a Divorce Attorney. David and Julie have been married for more than 35 years. They have four daughters and three grandchildren and are the authors of two books: Secrets of Strong Couples and the recently released, Couple’s Journal – Goal Setting for Strong Couples.

Rob & Reece are soon to be celebrating their 21st anniversary, and as you likely know are the parents of five children, all adopted through the foster care system.

In today’s discussion, you will hear the Scheers and Bulitts discuss issues they are currently experiencing as married couples and the solutions they have – including compromise – that keep the lines of communication open and flowing positively. But they do admit that it’s not all “wine and roses” every day, and you need to work together and on a regular basis to keep the relationship going strong.

The Bulitt’s new book, The Couple’s Journal is a terrific tool to do just that. It helps couples set goals and arranges “check-ins” to make sure you’re actually working on those goals. They also have a new podcast, Conversations for Couples that we encourage you to listen (after you finish this episode of Fostering Change, of course!)


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