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Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 208 | Jackie Polk

April 8, 2024

Fostering Change Podcast | Episode 208 | Jackie Polk

Fostering Change Podcast | From Rock Bottom to Bringing a Family Together Again: A Foster Care Success Story with Jackie Polk

After you listen to today’s episode of Fostering Change, take a moment. Take a breath. Reflect on what you heard, and ponder how you would handle the situations that our guest Jackie Polk faced.

Here is part of the note Jackie sent us when she inquired about sharing her story:

I’m a boy mom of 3. I have 8 year old twins, and an 11 month old baby. 6 years ago I completely rebuilt my life from rock bottom. My rock bottom was filled with drug addiction, domestic violence and having my children removed from my care. I changed everything about my life and regained custody of my children and have been sober for almost 7 years. I’m happily married to an incredible man who’s also in addiction recovery.

I share my story in order to inspire and encourage others to never give up on themselves no matter where they find themselves in life. There’s so much of my story that I could feel guilty or embarrassed about which would make it easy to keep to myself but there’s so many people struggling the same way that I was and I want them to know that there’s hope for a better life. I’m no more special than anyone else, I just decided I wanted a different life and I worked really hard to have it.

In our interview, Jackie stated: “Foster care gave me the chance to be a better person… a better mom.”

Our host, and founder of Comfort Cases Rob Scheer shared that “We all have the ability to change and write your own life chapters. Don’t let anyone else write them for you.”


A reminder that Fostering Change now posts on alternative Tuesdays. Our next episode will drop on April 23!


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