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A Community of Caring – A Truman Charities Podcast

The Truman Charities Podcast: A Community of Caring with Jamie Truman Episode 35 Rob Sheer.

Rob entered the foster care system as a child who had lost both parents. He was brought into a house with all of his belongings in a tattered and torn trash bag. Eight years ago, 4 children, who are now his daughter and 3 sons, arrived on his doorstep through foster care whom experienced the same undignified process Rob endured forty years ago. Floored by the fact that children still carry their lives in a bag used for trash nearly four decades since his own experience, Rob decided to devote his life to restoring dignity to those transitioning in and out of foster care with the creation of Comfort Cases.

His personal dedication and success through Comfort Cases has provided hope and self worth to thousands of children as he and his team empower the next generations transitioning within foster care.

Listen to this uplifting Truman Charities episode with Rob Sheer about his organization Comfort Cases and transforming lives for foster children in need.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

–    What it was like for Rob, being a foster child himself.

–    How Rob felt seeing his children come to his house with a trash bag full of belongings, just like he had when he was a foster child as well.

–    Rob’s upcoming Happy Hour with Truman Charities on December 14th.

Listen to the full podcast:

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