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“They Want to Make Us Proud..”: Derek Jeter’s Sister Sharlee Jeter Spills Her Biggest Wish From His Sprawling Foundation

Sharlee Jeter
Our guest on this week’s Fostering Change episode, Sharlee Jeter, was mentioned in this Essentially Spots article highlighting her biggest wish which she touched on in our recent interview.

Recently, in an interview with Comfort Cases through the Fostering Change Podcast, Sharlee Jeter, who also serves as vice president of strategy & development for Jeter Ventures, which encompasses Derek’s full portfolio of business operations, spoke about her one big wish for the Turn 2 Foundation.

Sharlee, who’s the president and secretary of Turn 2 Foundation, gave a heartwarming response when asked about her one wish for the foundation. She said, “I talk about this often. I just want people to realize that the youth that we serve, and all youth, they want to do well. They want to succeed. They want to make us proud, they really do.”

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